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Our Portfolio includes 6 plots of land with residential permission, located next to each other and creating perfect "community" style living within Dubai World Central Residential City, the master developer of which is Dubai World Central. All Plots are fully paid, title deed obtained.


1.DWC Res.City28,415 sq.ft.51,150 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4
2.DWC Res.City58,655 sq.ft.105,580 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4
3.DWC Res.City30,330 sq.ft.54,600 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4
4.DWC Res.City29,000 sq.ft.52,185 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4
5.DWC Res.City24,750 sq.ft.44,600 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4
6.DWC Res.City30,000 sq.ft.54,000 sq.ft.ResidentialG+4


Upon request of the investor and subject to availability, the following documents can be provided:

       1. Plot Site Plan & Title Deed
       2. Feasibility Study
       3. Approved Architectural Drawings


Housing around 250,000 people and employing around 20,000 more, DWC Residential City will be geared to service Dubai World Central Al Maktoum International Airport and its main facilities, providing suitable and appropriate housing for employees and their families. DWC's vision is three-fold - firstly, the obvious convenience of living close to the workplace. Secondly, the availability of end- users ensuring housing demand, and thirdly, as an area where affordability and compatibility to specific targeted income groups is paramount.


Every aspect required by the community has been factored into the masterplan guidelines, including ample open public space, public facilities and health care centres. As the majority of Residential City's population will work at the new airport and its adjoining components, designers have carefully assessed the needs and demands of the inhabitants. Accommodation options will comprise apartment buildings with varying heights ranging from five to ten storeys. Most of the higher buildings are concentrated along Residential City's main spine which is “The Residential Avenue’. Open public spaces play an integral role in the success of Residential City, giving residents access to green recreational spaces for leisure and relaxation.


Residential City will be linked to the Peripheral Road that runs around the DWC-Al Maktoum International Airport allowing easy access to other DWC components and surrounding developments. At the core of the master plan is the light rail system, which will run along Residential City's main spine, serving both the eastern and western edges of the city's heart. A comprehensive and integrated road network, with a clearly defined road hierarchy, will cater for easy accessibility between the various areas within the City. The transport links ensure that the city residents will benefit from efficient, reliable access to their workplaces, and allow them to make full use of the incredible facilities throughout DWC's 140 square kilometre borders.


Residential City will also boast a variety of commercial components along its main spine. In addition, there will also be numerous community facilities - schools, hospitals, health care centres, religious facilities, post offices, police stations, civil defence and public libraries. In keeping with its commitment to delivering a best-of-breed eco-friendly environment, Residential City will be served by a comprehensive system of district cooling through eight Central Utility Complexes around the city. Run at substantially lower costs than individual cooling systems, both residents and developers will benefit from the installation of the CUCs.


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