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In 2005, Al Sondos Holding, our parent company, launched a new real estate investment business model based on a unique method of matching each property with the largest pool of pre-qualified investors. This simple premise coupled with an unfailing drive to measure success by client satisfaction enabled us to emerge as the industry's pre-eminent real estate investment services firm.

Our founder's vision has been realized by a commitment to specialization, our willingness to foster a culture of information sharing and the foresight to pioneer real estate technology. Today, Priority Real Estate is the industry’s the most dynamic company specializing in real estate investment sales, rental, property management as well as a leading source of research and advisory services.

Our senior management team, including our founders, remains dedicated to a tradition of reinventing the ultimate platform for marketing real estate.

Today Priority Real Estate combines the expertise of its investment sales professionals and research team to offer proprietary custom analysis and consulting services. Clients utilize our advisory and consulting services to formulate buy-sell decisions, analyze markets, shape long- term portfolio strategies, evaluate development or redevelopment options and optimize returns during the holding period of properties.

We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to some of the most prominent real estate investors in the country, including developers, high net-worth individuals, financial institutions and banks.

For Developers

  • Location Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Project Sales Management
  • Property Management

For Investors

  • Property Advisory
  • Risk Analysis
  • Property Investments
  • Portfolio Management
  • Ful Re-Sale Services
  • Ful Rent Services

For Landlords

  • Rent Management
  • Tenant Relationship Management
  • Representations in HOA
  • Maintenance Management

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